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Referrals for further care

At times, it may be appropriate for the doctor to refer you for further care. This may be done through the NHS e-referral system, which provides the patient with the opportunity to choose from a selection of hospitals and subsequently book the date and time of the relevant appointment. The doctor will advise you of the choice of hospitals available at the time of your consultations.

There may be occasions when it is not appropriate to refer you through the e-referral system. In this case, a referral letter will be sent to the hospital, who will subsequently contact you. If you do not receive an appointment or acknowledgement within four weeks (or two, if the referral is urgent), please contact the hospital.

Urgent referrals may be telephoned to the hospital, or provided as a letter which is given to the patient to take to the hospital.

Date published: 12th April, 2021
Date last updated: 26th April, 2021