Rotherfield Surgery
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Appointments line: 01892 853288

The Brook Health Centre
Enquiries: 01892 652850
Appointments line: 01892 652255

Self referral

You can access many services directly without the need to contact the practice. Please use these pages to refer yourself to these services.

Mental health

Are you feeling low or under stress. You can get help directly from these organisations using the links below Brighton and Hove Wellbeing Referrals Mid Sussex Wellbeing West Sussex Referrals East ... [continue] Mental health

Physiotherapy / Musculoskeletal

Physiotherapy / Musculoskeletal team Self-Referral allows you to refer to some MSK & Physiotherapy services without seeing your GP first. Please visit the link below to self-refer to our services. ... [continue] Physiotherapy / Musculoskeletal

Referrals for further care

At times, it may be appropriate for the doctor to refer you for further care. This may be done through the NHS e-referral system, which provides the patient with the opportunity ... [continue] Referrals for further care

Date published: 6th November, 2020
Date last updated: 6th November, 2020