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About our PPG

Terms of reference

What is a PPG?

“A Patient Participation Group supports their GP Practice to be the best it can be”

Patients and staff work together to do this by discussing services at the practice and how changes might be made. What works well? What could be better? Patients can therefore take part in making improvements to services, in ways which may include:

  • Seeking feedback from patients on service development and working with practice staff to consider any improvements
  • Being a ‘critical’ friend to the practice by providing feedback on patient needs, concerns and interests and challenging the practice constructively where necessary
  • Help towards the design and content of the practice booklet, webpage and/or newsletter
  • Help other patients towards national and local information and services which can help them stay well. Eg: health promotion, social wellbeing (including local activities such as walking, dance, crafts and hobbies)
  • Meet & Greet – help practice staff with queues for flu clinics, questionnaires etc.
  • Supporting locality Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) to gain feedback on healthcare and social care services to inform local commissioning decisions and planning
  • Building relationships with other PPGs and user-led groups in the area eg: Healthwatch
  • Giving feedback to and getting involved in local and national consultations

Ground rules

  • PPG meetings are not to be a forum for individual complaints and single issues as there are other procedures for supporting patients with these concerns
  • We encourage open and honest communication
  • We will be flexible, listen ask for help and support each other
  • All views are valid and will be listened to – respect other’s views and don’t interrupt
  • The practice will listen constructively to patient views and proposals and will respond explaining what action the practice can/will take. If no action can be taken the practice will explain why not
  • All communication issued by the PPG will first be agreed by the group – no communications about the group will be issued by individual members
  • The Chair will keep meetings focussed
  • Brief notes (not detailed minutes) will be made recording key actions and decisions only. Notes will be available in the public domain and will not include confidential matters
  • All PPG members will work together and support each other to meet the objectives of the group
  • Confidential matters are not to be shared outside the meeting

Date published: 6th March, 2020
Date last updated: 12th April, 2021