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New provider information

Dear Rotherfield and Brook Patients,

General Practice, like most of the NHS, has been under a lot of pressure over the last few years. We at Brook and Rotherfield have decided to do something to address the situation and secure the future of the practice.

A new NHS organisation has been set up locally; it is called Sussex Primary Care. SPC was set up to provide support for general practices in the Sussex area and is part of a larger NHS organisation – Sussex Community Trust.

Being part of a large NHS organisation will ensure that both surgeries stay open for the long run.

SPC is an NHS provider providing NHS services funded by the NHS to NHS registered patients.  SPC is not a profit-generating private company.

Our aim is to become part of Sussex Primary Care (SPC) in the spring/summer of 2021.

What that means is:

  • The practice stays open in its existing premises.
  • The previous 2-year lease at the Rotherfield site has been extended to 10 years securing the longer term future if services in Rotherfield.
  • We carry on providing our services for you in the same way that we do now.
  • All of the staff – doctors including partners, nurses, admin – carry on working but become employees of SPC.
  • We get help, advice and support from a larger NHS organisation (SPC), to help us deal with the pressures we – and all local surgeries – are facing.

We feel very positive about this and hope this reassures you that the practice will continue to stay open, providing services as it does now and that you will not notice much difference.

However, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact:

or call: 01273 265800

and a member of the SPC team will be pleased to answer any questions you may have.

Please feel free to share this widely amongst other patients in the area.

Best wishes,

Dr Davies, Dr Golton and Dr Hester.