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are you due you covid-19 booster vaccine please call 119 to book an appointment

Update 13/12/21

Message to our patients – update on the COVID-19 booster programme


Across Sussex the NHS and its partners are working extremely hard to roll out the COVID-19 booster vaccination programme to our communities.

All adults are eligible from Monday 13 December, and you will be able to book via the National Booking System from Wednesday 15 December.

You can book your booster for 3 months from the date of second vaccine, and you can access the National Booking System to book the appointment from 2 months.  We are working at pace to increase the availability of appointments so that there are plenty of options for people on the National Booking System. Some local vaccination services may will also contact patients directly.  New appointments are being added every day across our vaccination services. We have been offering more than 80,000 appointments a week and in the last two weeks we have increased the number of available appointments by more than 10,000 a week. Further availability will come online from Wednesday 15 December. We will be working with all of our sites to take further steps to increase what they can offer again, including opening later and on more days.  All of these appointments will be added to the National Booking System and so we encourage everyone who is aged 18 and over, is yet to have their booster and who is approaching 3 months from your second vaccine to use the National Booking System to arrange your appointment when you are able to do so. In terms of any planned appointments with our practice, there are no changes at the current time and everyone should attend your planned appointments as normal. If we need to make any changes, we will contact you directly.

See more about the vaccination programme in Sussex, including the vaccination services: COVID-19 vaccinations – Sussex Health & Care Partnership (

The Autumn COVID-19 booster vaccine campaign is now underway

People who are more vulnerable to the virus are being invited to top up their protection ahead of winter six months or more after receiving their second jab.  Those in line for a booster jab include everyone aged 50 and over, frontline health and social care workers and those aged between 16 and 49 with an underlying health condition putting them at greater risk from the virus. People will be offered either a full dose of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine or a half dose of the Moderna vaccine, following scientific evidence showing that both provide a strong booster response. This will be regardless of which vaccine the individual previously had.  Vaccinations are being offered in hospital hubs, vaccination centres, local vaccination services and pharmacy led services. For our patients this includes at Saxonbury House and Ticehurst Pharmacy.

You must be in one of the eligible groups and at six months from the date of your second vaccination to book a booster.

If so, you can book through the national booking service or by calling 119.Read more about the booster programme: Autumn boosters (Phase 3) – Sussex Health & Care Partnership (

Please do not attempt to book unless you have been contacted via text or via letter from NHSE, we are unable to deal with any requests regarding the booster program, please do not contact the surgery.

are you due you covid-19 booster vaccine please call 119 to book an appointment